Sticky Bundits

Sticky Bundits are a street food outlet making delicious fusion rice burgers.

We designed a bold brash 80s inspired identity – to provide serious standout in the crowded street food environment.

Created from a mixture of analogue letraset patterns for the textures and hand drawn logo, ¬†for a classic retro feel – perfect for the pun laden Street Food Scene where not only the food does the talking. Add to that the provocative Bread Is Dead hashtag and it’s game on.

We collaborated to create a comic book back story to the brand, of hemit monks, lost secrets of mystic rice buns and tantalising fillings laden with spices, guaranteed to give you sticky fingers!

Playing on the comic book and the food titles ads some visual fun to their simple but funky website.

Winners of Best Sandwich – British Streetfood Awards 2017

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